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The one app for all your International bill payments

Pay your international bills in just a few taps and on the move! Well, how cool is that? It is as long as the user finds his 2500 plus list of aggregators from across three countries, seamlessly. And that was the challenge!

The Way Forward:

The objective was to develop and integrate the bill payment services into the digital platform for Online Money Transfers.
The challenge was in incorporating over 100 bill payment service categories in the already existing Online Money Transfer portal.
The API integration into the platform made service real-time and seamless.
Dedicated sections and categories were developed to enhance the convenience of the users.

Engagement app

The magic of coins :

It's all about coins. After every completed transaction using the UAE Exchange cards, the customer will get loyalty coins based on their transactions.
Upon logging on to the portal, there will be a spin wheel which gives the customers additional chances of winning coins. The first spin of the day is free. For every additional spin, the customer has to pay using the coins earned. A maximum of five spins could be availed in a day. The game format is similar to and can be replaced with games like Archery, Shooting etc.


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